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Eluceo Consultants' creation and development rests on its founder's experience, including 15-year in director & operational management roles, and 12 years in business consultancy. Today, this rich experience leads us to make 3 observations underpinning the approach and the philosophy of our work:

The potential for performance improvement remains very high.

All companies bear within them a great potential to improve their performance, regardless of the indicator that is used: turnover, margins, profits, asset turnover, productivity... Company executives are usually fully aware of this; the difficulty remains to fully unlock these improvements. We have heard many CEOs tell us: "performance could increase by XX% if only my teams, my stores, my factories, my logistics, my products, my clients, etc...". The key diagnostic items are usually clearly identified by management, but the obstacles impeding the achievement of objectives are numerous and difficult to address.

Internal resources can no longer cope with the expectations of transformation.

Beyond the enormous pressure to achieve results that is felt by operational management teams, initiatives aiming to improve productivity will typically significantly reduce the operational staff's ability to focus on anything other than what they are primarily responsible for. This is reinforced by variable pay schemes, which are often linked to a company's short-term performance indicators (turnover, margins, productivity, compliance with the budget...). In this context, it is unrealistic to think that managers will have the time and the necessary perspective to implement new methods or contribute to the company's transformation projects.

Transforming operational methods is fundamental to ensure the sustainability of performance improvements that are sought by companies senior management.

Securing the performance improvements that are necessary to face the increasing intensity of competition - brought on by globalisation and the current weak economic environment - requires a thorough re-examination of traditional operating methods. Achieving these results requires going well beyond the mundane "change management" programmes used in the past. New challenges require new implementation methods. It is with this in mind that Eluceo has defined its approach, which uses a combination of rallying actions that focus on key performance issues, the development of skills and individual coaching that will enable your teams to excel.

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