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Who are we?

Eluceo is a strategy and management consulting firm that was created in early 2009 by Jacques Fournier, a former partner at several large international consulting firms. With over 25 years of professional experience, including 15 years in operational and general management roles, his vision of the consultant's role aims to be pragmatic, relevant and consistent, above all, while remaining focused on the practical reality of the solutions that are offered to the firm's clients.


What does Eluceo mean?

Eluceo is a Latin word which means to "shine" and "surpass oneself". More than just words, our role is to help your team shine and excel, by placing them in a position to succeed. This requires the implementation of coaching methods that are applied to functional expertise on a given topic (improving customer knowledge, designing a better offer, improving purchasing methods...). In the end, placing your team in a position to succeed entails helping them to achieve their goals and ensure your success.


What functional areas do you focus on?

Eluceo is able to adapt to enter within any part of a client's value chain targeting specific performance enhancing areas, for example customer marketing, defining a product/service offer, planning, procurement performance, industrial optimisation, distribution strategy and service. For a more complete list of Eluceo's areas of expertise, click here.


What differentiates you?

Unlike other more traditional consulting firms, we place a great deal of emphasis on our consultants' industry knowledge and functional expertise. We allocate our work time in a targeted manner, which allows us to formulate operational solutions that are designed with your teams. We only perform the analyses that are truly necessary, and we produce concise relevant reports that are worth reading and that will provide you with genuine added value, a foundation for your understanding, consideration and implementation.


What industries do you perform consulting services in?

We frequently perform work in B2C sectors, including food and non-food distribution, consumer goods, and services such as recreation and tourism. We also work in wider industries on highly specific issues such as pricing and customer segmentation.


How long do your missions last?

There is no specific rule of thumb. We calibrate our work schedule with our clients, at a pace they deem appropriate in order for their teams to truly master the content of the work while ensuring that the impacts are sustainable. Although this may potentially require that the schedule be extended, clients nevertheless benefit from faster performance improvements thanks to implementation taking place during the project.


What steps are involved in your work?

As each business case is unique, this is a hard question to answer. Nevertheless, our work often involves the following characteristics:


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