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How can we reduce our environmental impact while developing greater efficiency?

As we are responsible for our impact on the environment, Eluceo are keen to reduce it by ensuring that our daily activities comply with our environmental charter. Beyond our efforts to reduce our impact on the global ecosystem, these principles have other benefits: reduced costs for our clients when we work for them and increased efficiency on our side.





  1. We print supporting documents for workshops only when it is absolutely necessary
  2. We print documents on both sides on recycled paper as often as possible
  3. The document formats we use are designed to be printed in black & white ; colour toner cartridges are much more hazardous and difficult to recycle
  4. For meetings, we favour working from overhead projectors, with electronic copies of documents sent to participants


We hope that you share the spirit of these principles with us. Of course, we discuss them with our clients to adapt to project specifics during the launch phase.




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Environmental charter

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