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Since its launch at the height of the financial crisis in January 2009, Eluceo Consultants continues to expand, providing companies in search of performance with a differentiated approach to the world of consulting.

A robust increase in consulting activity and an expanded list of clients are the proof. Each day, the market continues to confirm the value of our approach. In light of this, please allow us to elaborate on core foundation of our work.

One positive result of the economic crisis is that companies have been forced to revaluate even the most basic assumptions and principles of their business models and the way they operate. In this context, senior management have also taken a more critical look at their relationships with consulting firms, challenging each consultant's ability to contribute to their company's improved performance and increase value.

In order to meet this challenge and those of our clients, Eluceo leverages insight and knowledge gained from over 25 years of experience in the business world to provide our clients with an innovative service offering based on four fundamental principles:

These principles, which represent a strong divergence from models used by "traditional" consultants (who tend to do all of the work for your teams), have been developed in line with the expectations expressed by the many company directors interviewed prior to the creation of Eluceo. Sustainable long-term improvement of performance can only be achieved through an enhancement of your internal teams' talent and expertise. This is the specific challenge that Eluceo is determined to help you meet.

From our experience, companies that have managed to become stronger even in the midst of volatile business and economic times, demonstrate that they have managed to do so by focusing their investments on their employees' skills, motivation and mindset...

An expected change in paradigm?